No Windows? No Problem.

No windows? No problem.

Natural light is the best, but there are plenty of windowless room solutions that can help you make your living spaces a little brighter with the light that you do have.

When Cree reached-out on Twitter, we asked some west elm Home Stylists to share their go-to windowless living room design tips.

One thing that everyone agreed on: mirrors are your friend. They double your light and there are some cool options out there that really add character.

Read on for 4 more proven style tips that you can use to up the brightness in your home – whether you have windows or not.

gallery wall

“Create a wall of your favorite art over a sitting area using a mix of mirrored + metallic frames that reflect light. Not only will this help make the most of the light that you have, a statement wall of art is a classic way to showcase your personality.”

Katherine Fellows, west elm Lincoln Park

Windowless Room Solutions

“Go with lighter color furniture + accessories to create an airy feel in any room. And you’ll make the space appear larger. Also important: stick to low contrast colors so your eye doesn’t get drawn to the big blue dresser in the corner.”

Colleen McCarthy, west elm Burlington

Mirrored table - 4 Windowless Room Ideas

“Mirrored furniture and accessories are an alternative way to reflect light. A Herringbone Mirror Coffee Table in your living room will brighten the space and add a little glamorous detail.”

Rosie Holman, west elm London

4 Windowless Room Solutions!

“Good lighting is an art. Use a combination of direct + indirect sources. Drop a pendant light or chandelier in the center of the room, then pair it with table lamps around the space. Choose lamps with white shades + metallic bases – like the Metallic Honeycomb or Mini Abacus Table Lamps – it will really help the light bounce around.”

Sandra Guzman, west elm Salt Lake City

Golden Geometic Mirros by west elm

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Mark Talbot

August 13, 2014

I agree with using pendant lights and lamps. Pull the lighting off of the ceiling and down into the space.

Use opaque or mostly opaque shades and directional lighting to create pools of light — on the floor, on the ceiling, on the walls. The light will be more dramatic, creating a variety of brighter areas and darker areas. Use light to enhance interesting artwork, rugs, or a cozy seating area. The contrast adds visual interest and variety, distracting from the lack of natural light.

Also, consider the color of the light. A pool of warm white light on a chair creates a cozy reading spot. A blast of cool light on a natural texture, artifact or houseplant can give the impression of the outdoors, without being outdoors.

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