Brick Mantel Decorating Ideas by west elm

How do you make an empty fireplace mantel feel more warm + modern, and less like a bare brick hole in the wall?

Tabitha reached-out on Twitter with this very design dilemma. It’s actually a common problem for renters! So we asked some west elm Home Stylists for their advice.

Read on for their brick mantel decorating ideas, and finally turn your bare fireplace into a living room centerpiece that makes you happy!

P.S. The mantel in these photos (by Virginia MacDonald) isn’t brick but we loved this interior by the Home Stylists at our Toronto store so much, we had to share anyway.

Brick Mantel Decorating Ideas by west elm

“A mirror with some interesting, modern details will help break up the heaviness of the brick. Glass is a nice contrast and will reflect light to create more warmth in the room. Hanging large scale art over the fireplace is also a great way to add personality to the space.”

Meng Michelle Chang, west elm Princeton

Brick Mantel Decorating Ideas by west elm

“Create a collection of vases with varying colors, sizes, and textures. Nothing needs to go in them, but plants can add just the right touch of color and softness! Personally, I prefer to style either side of a mantel, keeping the center empty and leaving the beautiful brick exposed.”

Matthew Harper, west elm Birmingham

Brick Mantel Decorating Ideas by west elm

“Layer oversized decorative accents to create depth and a visual focal point. A combination of mixed woods and metals can bring a modern, updated feel to the brick while still keeping it cozy and warm. Air plants are also a unique, low maintenance way to pull a natural element into the moment.”

Laura Wilson, west elm Philadelphia

Brick Mantel Decorating Ideas by west elm

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Photos: Virginia MacDonald

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