Create A Wedding Registry Strategy! | Kelly Lanza + west elm

Big news: we’ve launched the west elm Wedding + Gift Registry! It’s a great tool for helping couples design a new home together that reflects their style, and we know that every couple is different.

Kelly Lanza of Studio DIY is the perfect example. She decided to register for contributions to a down payment on a house, complemented by a small select gift list, because that’s what makes sense for her!

Want to keep your registry gift list simple? You need to create a wedding registry strategy! Kelly developed 3 essential goals that every couple should keep in mind. Read on for her tips.

Wedding Registry At west elm

Create A Wedding Registry Strategy! | Kelly Lanza + west elm

“Like a lot of couples nowadays, Jeff and I are living together and already have so many items that a wedding registry typically includes. We began to think about what would be most important and helpful to us, and we landed on: a home. Those with more traditional views most certainly had their oppositions (asking for “money” has long been considered rude!) but many understood that after being together for seven years, we’ve already built a life together and they are eager to help us towards a natural next step in that life.”

“As a couple who is very design-oriented, we feared if we didn’t register for some items, we’d end up with odds and ends that didn’t fit our style, or with repeats of items we already had! There were certainly a few things that we didn’t have and needed, so we preferred to register for those essential items to ensure that whatever tangible gifts we received would be something that worked in our home!”

Kelly + Jeff developed 3 essential goals for creating a tangible gift registry, and they’re sure to help any couple re-focus their strategy!

Create A Wedding Registry Strategy! | Kelly Lanza + west elm

Create A Wedding Registry Strategy! | Kelly Lanza + west elm

1) “Replace items from college. We are young and still have many dorm room leftovers in our possession. Like our collapsible college-friendly laundry basket that is falling apart, and our “this will look great in my all-girl apartment!” shower curtain, for example. Replace!”

2) “Think about the future. We live in a small apartment now with little room for entertaining, but when we get said house down the road with more than one room to fill and more than enough space for dinner parties, we aren’t going to have another wedding then to help provide us with the necessities for such occasions! We wanted to select a few items, such as larger serving pieces and trays, that we may not have much use for now but will be so grateful to have in a few years.”

3. “Consider house guests. Most of our family and friends live far so we often have house guests.. yet our supply of additional bedding and towels is limited. We made sure to select a few items that we could dedicate to guests when they were in town, so we’ll no longer have to manically run laundry an hour before their plane arrives!”

Create A Wedding Registry Strategy! | Kelly Lanza + west elm

“The registry experience was easy, seamless and, well, fun! Jeff isn’t exactly one to get excited about spending an hour selecting hand towels and pillow cases, but that changed when he saw that it was all done on an app! Give the kid an iPhone and he’s satisfied. He couldn’t get over the technology behind the app and how we could scan an item right from a phone and it instantly popped up in our registry! Mission: Involve Fiancé, accomplished!”

Wedding Registry At west elm

Create A Wedding Registry Strategy! | Kelly Lanza + west elm

Wedding Registry At west elm

Now you can register at west elm for a wedding, birthday, anniversary, housewarming or “just because” present!

Kelly Lanza of StudioDIY

Kelly Lanza is the bride-to-be blogger + party enthusiast behind StudioDIY. You will find a whole lot of DIY projects, party tips and colorful ideas designed to help you celebrate on Kelly’s blog. Connect with her on TwitterFacebookInstagram and Pinterest.

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Juliet from Juliet Oscar Yankee

June 11, 2014

This was so helpful and really nice to read! Thanks for the tips guys! 🙂

Shelby Stretton

June 11, 2014

I tried to pin this but it wouldn’t work for some reason. I thought this would be so helpful for you two to make your registry. You should get started when Kyle gets home!!!!!!



February 7, 2015

Ugh:my stomach is lurching with disgust and my head spinning in disbelief that after 7 years of habitation a clueless ” style guru” and her short attention span partner actually believe the world owes them a new home; check, cash, or money order, please. Imagine the horror; to wind up with ” odds and ends that don’t work for us” from friends and family who merely desire to wish you well on your wedding day, with a gift they are certainly capable of selecting for themselves. Wake up , you followers of this self absorbed and childish philosophy, and listen ; younloving friends and family are not ATMs at your bidding because you mature enough to make a commitment, nor are they a convenient excuse to provide you with specific replacement items you want to now upgrade. This “guru” and her “tips” reek of selfishness and tasteless me-babble . Do not listen.

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