Think your home is too small for an office + dining area? Justina Blakeney proves that tiny house interiors can still have it all!

Read on for Justina’s 3 essential tips, refuse to let a small space hold you back, and make the most out of your home!

Tiny Home w/ Multifunctional Office/Dining Space

Amanda’s house is SMALL. And when I say small, I mean that it used to be a car garage. But just because her space is small doesn’t mean she can’t have all the perks!

When Amanda said she wanted a comfy desk with storage, AND that she wanted some kind of dining table situation, I immediately thought of the Pencil Desk. It’s small but the way that it protrudes from the wall means that it can easily be used as a table for two while dining *and* as a desk.

Swivel-Seated Office Chair from west elm

#1. Get Multifunctional

“Use furniture that has built-in storage. Look for desks/tables with multiple drawers, a storage ottoman, or a bed with stowaway space underneath!”

Tiny House Interior Tips by Justina Blakeney

Tiny House Interior Tips by Justina Blakeney

#2. Look Up

“Use the height of your space. Build up walls, use high bookcases and floating shelves to add additional storage!”

Tiny Home w/ Multifunctional Office/Dining Space

#3. Paint + Create New Space

“In Amanda’s studio, even though everything is in one room, I divided the space with paint so that the kitchen, living room and bedroom all feel separated by the colors on the wall. Try using paint to accentuate different areas in your space and don’t be afraid of color.”

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Justina Blakeney

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Photos: Justina Blakeney

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April 16, 2014

Justina, you are great. Love your blog and all your Pinterest posts. Nice job AGAIN on tackling another tough project. What color pink are the walls?


April 21, 2014

Great tips Justina!


April 22, 2014

Great tips! having lived in a tiny ass NYC apartment, I love to read those! That storage desk is amazing!


April 27, 2014

Why do you feature a table you aren’t selling, West Elm?


April 29, 2014

Hi Heather — we do sell it, we’re just out at the moment! It should reappear on the site soon and be in-stock again this summer (looks like July).

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