DIY party favor by Tiffany Grant Riley | west elm

These DIY Easter Party Favors are guaranteed to impress your guests over Easter weekend!

As a former wedding planner + stylist, Tiffany Grant Riley of Curate + Display knows a thing or two about transforming the so-so into something spectacular. This project is no exception.

Read on for Tiffany’s DIY guide…

DIY Party Favors by Tiffany Grant Riley | west elm

What You’ll Need

    Brown Paper torn into small pieces
    Plain flour
    60mm polystyrene balls
    Plastic wrap
    Wooden Skewers
    Fine sandpaper
    Shredded tissue paper
    Variety of medium to fine painting brushes
    Mini hacksaw
    Self-healing cutting mat
    Glue gun with glue sticks
    Mod Podge
    White acrylic paint
    A hole punch

Tiffany Grant Riley - DIY party favors

Step One and Two
Push a wooden skewer into the polystyrene ball, place the ball in the centre of a piece of cling film and pull the film tight, working out as many creases as you can. Twist at the bottom and secure with tape. You’ll need to stand the ball in something secure whilst you apply the mache – I used a block of florist foam inside a jar for this.

Combine the flour and water until it reaches the consistency of wallpaper paste and add in your torn paper. I find it easier to work with slightly soggier paper first. Apply the mache onto the ball, gently squeezing the excess paste off each piece as you go, overlapping slightly and blending with your fingers. Completely cover the ball and leave it to dry overnight-it needs to be rock solid before you start the next layer. Repeat for 2 more layers.

Tiffany Grant Riley - DIY Party Favors

Step Three
Gently sand off any rough areas with fine sandpaper and brush off any excess dust. On the cutting board, cut the ball in half with a mini-hack saw or Stanley Knife. Remove the polystyrene ball and cling film and punch two holes in the front and back of each half-you’ll thread your ribbon through those later. Remove the skewer. Make up a small batch of the mache paste and cover the hole left by the skewer on the outside. Allow to dry then sand and smooth as before.

Easter Party Favor from Tiffany Grant Riley | west elm

Step Four and Five
Paint both halves white inside and out and leave to dry. Apply another coat or two until you’re happy with the finish and then go for your life and pretty it up! I added a gold rim and played around with a few ideas before I did the real thing. Apply a coat of Mod Podge to the outside of your pod to seal your design.

Now make your hinge. Thread through your ribbon at the back, knot it on the inside and trim off the excess making sure it’s not too tight to close but not too loose so that it moves around too much.

Tiffany Grant Riley DIY Easter Party Favors | west elm

Step Six

Thread the ribbon through the hole at the front of the ball, and secure it in the centre of the bottom half with a spot of hot glue. Following the curve of the ball with the ribbon, glue it again in the centre of the top half and feed the ribbon back through the front. Trim the length so you’ve enough to tie it as you wish – I like a bow.

DIY Easter Party Favors

Tiffany Grant Riley - Easter Party Favor | west elm

Step Seven – Final step!
Fill the bottom of the pod with shredded tissue paper, place your gift or Easter egg inside and tie it shut securely on their place setting. Watch them smile as they open their Easter surprise!

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Tiffany Grant Riley | Curate + Display blog | west elm

Tiffany Grant Riley is a London-based Props Stylist, Creative Director and former Wedding Stylist + Planner. Curate + Display is her outlet to share honest and accessible interior style and hands on DIY projects. Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. 

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