Houseplants are the ultimate home accessory, adding color + gentle energy + fresh air to any space. And they’re easy to take care of – IF you know what you’re doing.

Michelle Slatalla, editor in chief of Gardenista, is bringing us houseplant care guides all season long, so you can greenify your home this season and keep your new friends alive!

Pothos Plant Care Guide | Gardenista + west elm

Pothos Plant

Light Requirements: Medium to bright indirect light.
Water Requirements: Let the soil dry out before giving a good drenching.

If you’re looking for something long and luxurious to trail down a bookshelf or along a mantle, Pothos is your plant. This vining houseplant does best in bright indirect light, but it’s not too picky and will thrive in even low-light conditions.

If you notice the leaves begin to droop, give your Pothos a good drenching and then allow the soil to dry out before watering again. Don’t feel like getting dirty? Pothos clippings can grow in water alone; just take a cutting from your plant, stick it water, and watch the roots grow.

Pothos Plant Care Guide | Gardenista + west elm

Michelle Slatalla of Gardenista

Michelle Slatalla is the editor in chief of Gardenista, a sourcebook for practical, design-focused gardening. You can follow all of their tips + news + inspiration on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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