Houseplants are the ultimate home accessory, adding color + gentle energy + fresh air to any space. And they’re easy to take care of – IF you know what you’re doing.

Michelle Slatalla, editor in chief of Gardenista, is bringing us houseplant care guides all season long, so you can greenify your home this season and keep your new friends alive!

How to keep your succulents alive | Gardenista + west elm


Light Requirements: The sunnier the better.
Water Requirements: What’s water? Seriously: 2 tablespoons every ten days.

You keep hearing succulents are foolproof, but then yours die. Why? To understand the nature of the succulent, you have to accept that they’re desert plants. They will thrive in a hot, dry, sunny spot. If you have dim light in your apartment, here’s a tip: buy succulents with green (rather than gray) leaves because they’re likelier to survive indoors. Don’t overwater them; if you walk past them carrying a watering can, that’s pretty much all they want.

How To Care For Succulents | Gardenista + west elm

Michelle Slatalla of Gardenista

Michelle Slatalla is the editor in chief of Gardenista, a sourcebook for practical, design-focused gardening. You can follow all of their tips + news + inspiration on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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