Wax Paper Snowflake Lanterns by Camille Styles | west elm

Camille Styles created this easy Snowflake Lantern DIY project to give her own dinner party a cozy glow, and she’s shared the project with us! It’s an easy way to give your next party table a boost of crafty fun and intimacy when it’s freezing cold outside and you’re staying-in with friends. Read on!

Floor pillows - DIY Wax Paper Snowflake Lanterns by Camille Style | west elm

Table setting - Wax Paper Snowflake Lanterns by Camille Style | west elm

What You’ll Need

      • 1 roll waxed paper


      • Ruler


      • Scissors


      • White acrylic paint


      • Snowflake stencils


      • Sponge brush


      • Spray adhesive


    • 5 1/2-inch wooden sticks

Making Wax Paper Lanterns

1. Measure 24 inches on waxed paper.

2. Cut waxed paper at the 24-inch mark.

3. Fold waxed paper in half and crease. Tear sheet apart by pulling along crease. Paper should tear easily and cleanly. Set one of the halves aside.

4. On the other half, position snowflake stencil onto waxed paper and dip sponge brush into acrylic paint. Use one hand to hold stencil in place, and the other to paint inside stencil.

Making Wax Paper Lanterns

5. Continue stenciling down the length of the waxed paper. Once all snowflakes have been painted, carefully remove stencils. Allow to dry 10 minutes.

6. Spray adhesive along top and bottom edge of waxed paper.

7. Place 4 sticks in a row, 1/4-inch apart, along top and bottom edges of waxed paper. Position sticks 1/4-inch from tom and bottom edges.

8. Spray adhesive all over waxed paper and wooden sticks. Carefully place second sheet of waxed paper on top of the first sheet of waxed paper. Press and smooth to remove wrinkles.

Making Wax Paper Lanterns

9. Cut excess waxed paper off end so there is only 1 inch of paper past the last two wooden sticks.

10. Fold over the 1-inch end of waxed paper and crease. Spray adhesive as pictured.

11. Fold over waxed paper so it creases between every two sticks to create four panels. Press end panel onto folded adhesive flap on end. Set on lit tea light or votive candle to create glowing lantern.

Making Wax Paper Lanterns

DIY Wax Paper Snowflake Lanterns by Camille Style | west elm

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Blogger Camille Styles

Camille Styles is the founder of the eponymous Camille Styles blog, and an event stylist who believes that entertaing should be all about fun! You can follow Camille on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Photos: Wynn Meyers

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