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Kinfolk Magazine recently moved into new studio + office space in Portland, Oregon. The newly-combined space formerly housed a production company and a sales office and after a fresh paint job, west elm was pleased to be included in the Kinfolk aesthetic!

kinfolk magazine office portland oregon creative west elm furniture rustic bliss chair

kinfolk magazine entry office west elm furniture modern relaxed casual gray style plants

This is our main office, the hub. Our core team of 10 works, coordinates, laughs, eats and creates from here. The sitting area with the couch Bliss Sofa + Bliss Chair-and-a-half is where we have our meetings. We use the long tables and open area for brainstorming sessions, shared meals and workshops. It’s a multi-purpose area.

bliss sofa from west elm in kinfolk magazine offices in portland plants

andrew gallo doug bischoff nathan williams kinfolk magazine team offices west elm bliss sofa eucalyptus baby

Kinfolk coordinates with contributors all over the world to put together the magazine. On staff, we have a team of 10 in Portland. Andrew and Carissa Gallo from SeaChant.Co have a corner setup in the office as well. They’ve made a lot of films for Kinfolk — and Carissa took these pictures!

kinfolk magazine offices work tables publishing design west elm furniture

west elm modern furniture in kinfolk design office portland oregon magazine

Our team shares the responsibility of all of the care for our office. As you can tell, the office is very white, open and minimal. This aesthetic is similar to what you see in the magazine. We like having the open communal feel, and not being constricted by choppy walls or by busy designs. The furniture is very clean and utilitarian, complementing the overall feel well. We loved the straight and geometric shapes, and the modern air it brought to the space.

kinfolk rustic modern kitchen office west elm open shelving natural materials

open shelving kitchen kinfolk magazine style design simple

skylight sunlight kinfolk office magazine portland

Kinfolk hosted a 40-person meal celebrating the cookbook launch in the new space in October! The locals who were in the book, as well as our families and friends attended.

lunch west elm dining table kinfolk magazine offices

kinfolk magazine offices west elm furniture spindle coffee table bliss seating

Thanks for sharing!


west elm dining table boerum cafe finish kinfolk studio west elm entry kinfolk studio office emmerson console table reclaimed wood solid fsc double wide comfy bliss chair west elm linen
stuffed bliss sofa modern relaxed west elm furniture modern wood glass coffee table west elm basic cross dye cloth napkin west elm modern simple entertaining

Images: Carissa Gallo for Kinfolk


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January 7, 2014

How did they get their floor white


March 13, 2015

What fabric type is this Bliss sofa, the one in the Kinfolk office, made of?

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