DIY Mug Painting by Jen Ramos | west elm

The response to our Holiday DIY Workshops last week was amazing! At west elm Broadway, hundreds of people showed up to meet Jen Ramos and to re-create the painted mugs from her hot chocolate party project.

It’s a really fun and simple way to personalize our Metallic Rimmed Mugs – and Jen has allowed us to share the project with everyone right here.

Read on and learn how to make your own!

DIY Mug Painting by Jen Ramos | west elm

What You Need

Paint and Bake Mugs | Jen Ramos + west elm

What You Do

1. Remove any stickers from the mug, then wash thoroughly with soap and water. With a clean paper towel, wipe down the mug with rubbing alcohol to remove any soap residue. Air dry completely.

2. Using a foam brush, squeeze a line of acrylic enamel paint across one edge. If you prefer, you can use a painter’s palette and squeeze small pools of paint and use a foam or horsehair brush. I find that a foam brush glides over the ceramic cup much easier.

Paint and Bake Mugs | Jen Ramos + west elm

3. Paint your mug – be creative and bold with your strokes. Wash your brush in the water if you switch colors or just add another color & let it blend into the other color already on the brush.

4. Be sure to leave a 3/4″ gap between the rim of the mug and the edge of your painting – it’s important that food and beverages not come in contact with acrylic enamel paint.

DIY Mug Painting by Jen Ramos | west elm

5. Once you are happy with your painting, allow the mug to dry for at least one hour. The paint needs to be completely air dried before the next step.

5. Place the mug on a baking tray or other oven-safe pan. Place it into a cold oven. Turn on the oven and set the temperature to 325°F. Keep in mind, DO NOT PREHEAT THE OVEN – the quick temperature change can cause the mug to crack while curing. Trust me, you do not want a cracked mug. 

DIY Mug Painting by Jen Ramos | west elm

6. Once the oven reaches 325°F, leave it on for 45 more minutes, then turn off the oven but leave the mug inside. Let the oven cool off completely before you remove it. Finally, let the mug sit out for about 3 days before you use or wash it.

7. The mug is now dishwasher safe but do not use it in the microwave. Enjoy!

DIY Mug Painting by Jen Ramos | west elm

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Jen Ramos of MadeByGirl

Jen Ramos is the NYC-based graphic designer + artist behind the Made By Girl blog. You can shop Jen’s paintings and prints here, and follow her adventures and inspiration on Instagram + Tumblr + Pinterest + Twitter.

Photos: Jen Ramos

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November 20, 2013

Loved working on this- again thanks a bunch Jake!

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November 20, 2013

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November 20, 2013

This is chic and so much fun. Love it!


November 21, 2013


Diana Mui

November 21, 2013

I am such a fan


November 22, 2013

This was such a fun event. I absolutely loved it. The mugs are super easy to paint on. I love how they turned out! Thanks Jen


December 17, 2013

was the mug you used already glazed before it was painted on?


December 17, 2013

Hi Danie, the mug came straight out of the box!


October 5, 2015

Hi there! LOVE this tutorial, but wondering why it’s not microwave safe. I reheat coffee all day, so just wondering how this will affect my mug. Thanks!


December 18, 2015

can you also do this with another kind of paint, like acrylic paint?


August 22, 2016

Wgat if i dont have an oven …can i use glossy varnish on it . To makethe paint unwashable


November 22, 2016

hi … i would really love to try this … but is it ok to use microwave or turbo broiler in baking the mugs? and only porcelain mugs will be good to use? thank you

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