Gathering Holiday Mix by The Artful Desperado

Gabriel of The Artful Desperado has a way with curation – whether he’s picking painters, popsicle recipes, or playlists. His Gathering mix is perfect for a dinner party with friends on a cold winter night – our favorite kind of holiday party! Enjoy below, and if you don’t have Spotify yet, it’s free to download.

Gathering is a holiday playlist full of cozy tunes and happy beats. It represents the way the holidays should be: a cheerful, loving occasion to celebrate with friends and family. And also the perfect excuse to eat your face off and take several naps.”

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Gabriel Cabrera of The Artful Desperado

Gabriel Cabrera is the Vancouver-based blogger behind The Artful Desperado, where he shares his love of art + design + food. Follow Gabriel’s adventures and great eye on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Image: Gabriel Cabrera

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Spotify is not available in Canada. Doh!

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