emmerson dining table party entertain furniture saveur magazine test kitchen west elm before basic

saveur test kitchen before west elm furniture accessories

west elm was thrilled to give the talented team of editors and cooks at the Manhattan offices of SAVEUR Magazine a refreshed test kitchen. Our team worked to make the most of the kitchen and dining/entertaining space that regularly hosts chefs, guests and food writers — all the while maintaining the function of a busy, working kitchen.

emmerson dining table party entertain furniture saveur magazine test kitchen west elm after party space

The SAVEUR team liked the rustic farm table look of our Emmerson Dining Table — and the Emmerson helped to set the style direction of the remainder of the room.

emmerson dining table party entertain furniture saveur magazine test kitchen west elm after

dining room furniture west elm modern rustic style elegant entertaining party saveur magazine test kitchen

emmerson dining room furniture rustic west elm saveur test kitchen magazine new york

Glazed Terracotta Dinnerware + Serveware has a warm, rustic look — basic dinnerware that’s ideal for showcasing colorful recipes!

savuer test kitchen new paint and storage west elm

New paint can always make a positive change! In the kitchen, the walls were painted a dark charcoal to define the space. While dark, the large windows, overhead lighting and myriad of reflective surfaces help keep the kitchen bright.

storage kitchen canisters from west elm market in the saveur test kitchen

Storage containers help corral all the tools of a busy working kitchen.

pantry weck jars glass storage west elm saveur magazine test kitchen organization spices staples

Glass Weck Jars help to organize the pantry while making it easy to identify ingredients.

test kitchen saveur magazine red clock chalkboard wall

window seat storage

The under utilized window bench was decked out to display some of SAVEUR’s extensive cookbook collection and a pair of Emmerson Dining Bench Cushions were added to make the spot more comfortable for guests.

window seat emmerson cushion west elm style bookcase display after

saveur magazine test kitchen style stylist west elm furniture accessories after

galzed terracotta set the table dining room place setting saveur test kitchen entertain west elm tablescape

Thank you SAVEUR! We will be sharing SAVEUR Thanksgiving Recipes (like this one for • Honey and Herb Biscuits) to help you plan an inspiring holiday feast!


glazed place setting terracotta west elm modern basic plates dishes tablesetting dining room entertain saveur kitchen makeover office ceramic glazes west elm mid-century modern reactive glaze design vase west elm reclaimed wood emmerson dining table room modern rustic style saveur entertain kitchen
red newgate kitchen clock retro west elm market design modern gold flatware entertain set table dining room west elm modern luxe display cutting board wood large massive giant big market west elm cheese entertain
display natural texture west elm modern raffia trays reclaimed wood rustic style dining room table west elm emmerson glazed ceramic terracotta serve serving bowl platter west elm modern basic tabletop
water jugs recycled glass west elm basic display pitcher bottle fishnet woven placemats setting dining room set table entertain linens color cross dye basic table linen entertain napkin west elm
modern basic west elm ikat ogee platinum gray grey curtain window panel design decorate weck basic glass jars pantry put up storage kitchen reuse canning emmerson-dining-bench-cushion-tufted-gray-slate-west-elm-rustic-dining-room-furniture

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October 17, 2013

where did you find the dining room chairs?


October 18, 2013

Hi Joanna — these chairs were already in the SAVEUR space. They are aluminum Navy Chairs from Emeco — design classics that are light, sturdy and comfortable: http://www.emeco.net/


October 18, 2013

Love it! Great job. What color charcoal paint did you use?


October 18, 2013

Very nice! Would be nice to cook there. Have to get some of those glass jars too.


November 15, 2013

this table looks much larger than 87″ as shown on the website. How long is it?


April 15, 2014

Hoping someone will see this comment ….. I’m assuming Emmerson tables were put end to end? What sizes and how many did you use? I would love to make the Emmerson work for 10-12 people.


April 15, 2014

Yes! At the Saveur offices we used 2 72″ Emmerson Tables end-to-end.


November 1, 2014

Where are the chairs that are with the emmerson dining table from?

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