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Audrey Smit of This Little Street shows us how she adds a crafty blast of color + pattern to our Modern-Weave Oversized Bin! She uses it to hold her many blankets, which are essential for chilly autumn nights everywhere, but especially in San Francisco.

Like most everything Audrey does on her blog, it’s totally personal and fun, and it makes the perfect solution for anyone who needs their storage to have a bit more spirit.

customizing a west elm basket by audrey smit

“I recently moved to the Bay Area with my little family, and we were so surprised to find out our chilly the nights can be. When I saw the storage bin at west elm, I knew it would be perfect to hold all of our blankets and carry them from indoors to outdoors whenever needed. The thing is though, I LOVE color, and I wanted to add a little something to the basket to make it extra special for our new home…”

modern weave storage basket west elm


    Modern-Weave Oversized Storage Bin
    Acrylic paint
    Embroidery thread
    Super thin steel wire – Audrey uses 28 gauge wire.
    Masking tape in two sizes for the stripes. Adurey uses 3/4 of an inch and 1.5 inches wide.
    Water-based polycrylic in satin or gloss to protect the paint.

customizing a west elm basket by audrey smit

What You Do

    1. Apply masking tape about 6.5 inches from the bottom of the bin.

    2. Paint your base colors with a brush. Give it two coats if needed, but make sure to spread the paint as well as possible so there aren’t any big lump of paint stuck anywhere. 

    3. Think about what pattern you want to do on your bin. Start with your first colors – apply masking tape, paint, and once it is dry, remove the tape. Repeat for the process for each color.

    customizing a west elm basket by audrey smit

    4. Take off the masking tape. Note: Some of the paint might chip off when you take off the masking tape, make sure you save a little extra paint to patch these up. 

    5. Apply a coat of protectant on the basket so the paint won’t chip too easily. 

    6. Make a makeshift needle with the steel wire. Cut a 1 and 1/2 inches long piece, tie a knot at the end and thread it. Pull on the knot some more to make the end as small as possible – that’s when the pliers might come in handy. 

    customizing a west elm basket by audrey smit

    7. Cut pieces of embroidery thread about 7 feet long – long enough to go all around your bin. 

    8. Thread your basket horizontally all around the bin and repeat for as many lines as you want to create. Tie a knot when done and cut loose ends. Note: If some of the whole are plugged with paint (it happened to me quite a bit), just use a nail/thick needle to make a whole through. 

    9. Et voila! You’re done. Fill up your basket with all your blankets! 

customizing a west elm basket by audrey smit

Audrey Smit of This Little Street

Audrey Smit is a maker, mom, and finder of hidden treasures, all of which she shares on her This Little Street blog. A new Bay Area resident, you can follow Audrey on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.


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Images: Audrey Smit

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