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These are the hands of makers. These hands connect us and our customers to the artisans who create our products, and to a tradition of craftsmanship.

Last month we introduced the workshop in Nepal that handcrafts our felt ornaments, garlands, and wreaths. Now see more of at their felt-making process, and the hands that make it possible. And you can visit our site to see our committment to artisans across the world.

west elm handcrafted nepal felting

1. When the felt arrives in Nepal, it’s first carded, or cleaned.

felt making process

2. Next, artisans wet the wool and wrap it around patterns to create a desired form.

hand-felting process

3. It’s then covered in nylon cloth and rubbed with soap and water to help the wool fibers stick together.

hand-felting in nepal

4. To make felt balls, flat stones are often used to roll the wool while wet pressing.

hand-felting process

5. An artisan strings together felt balls to make a garland.

hand making a west elm garland

6. Other ornaments, like this hedgehog, are crocheted with wool yarn.

hand making felt ornament nepal

7. Here, an artisan crochets the pattern into one of our Mitten Ornaments by hand.

west elm nepal handcrafted felt ornaments

west elm handcrafted

Through 2015, west elm has committed to paying $35 million directly to artisans and hand-crafters in 15 countries around the world. We’re directly impacting the lives of 4,500 artisan workers and 18,000 family members.

west elm felt handcrafted

west elm felt handcrafted west elm felt handcrafted 9-30-nepal-13

west elm handcrafted

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