Dena and her husband remodeled their condo’s kitchen and rescued it from the 80’s! Inspired by a French-style kitchen on Pinterest they opened up the space and exposed the arched window, letting in more light. They added Modern Bracket + Marble shelves from west elm in place of some of the upper cabinets…


We removed the U-Shape island and the upper cabinet to the right of the arched window over the sink. In its place, we extended the length of the cabinets to just before the main window, then used west elm’s Marble Shelves with the Modern Brackets in place of the upper cabinet. Every person that’s entered the room since remarks that they never noticed the arched window until now.

We ripped out the old faux tile floors and replaced it with a rich, deep brown. We replaced the original cabinets using dark cabinets on the bottom and light cabinets for the uppers and tall spaces.

We replaced the double sink with a wide and deep farmer style sink, which has proven to be far more effective and useful despite being 6″ shorter.

We removed the shutters from the windows which immediately opened up the space.

west elkm shelving brackets customizable mix match brackets shelves storage organization

west elm basic brackets modern cast metal marble shelving storage options design

Images: via Dena


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September 12, 2013

It is really pretty but you lost quite a bit of cabinet space with the shelves. Unless you have more storage that can’t be seen in the picture, I would be hesitant to make that choice.

Andrea Pal

September 12, 2013

Love the look but wouldn’t work for me. Lost valuable counter and cabinet space. OK with island gone. Could have kept the open feel with more glass front cabinets instead for shelves for decorations.


September 12, 2013

It looks more modern (& MUCH brighter, though that could just be photo)& I suppose it’s lovely for a couple without kids that eat a lot of takeout/frozen meals. But for a couple (w/out kids) like us that cooks a lot we need the counter/prep space & MORE in-the-kitchen-easy-access cupboard space than the “before” pic, not less. We’re house-hunting & if it was 2 homes exactly the same except for that kitchen area we’d bid less on the “after” home because we’d definitely need to remodel ASAP. The “before” pic we could live with for a while, just having the absolute daily-prep essentials in the kitchen, other items stored elsewhere (I hope there’s a pantry or at least a garage).


September 12, 2013

As far as cosmetics go the update looks great. My concern would be the loss of storage and counter unless there is more in another area that we just aren’t seeing in this photo.


September 15, 2013

Congrats on your new kitchen! Looks fantastic. Enjoy it! The sink under the window is therapy for dishwashing.

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