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Erica Domesek’s DIY philosophy is simple: “I see it. I like it. I make it.” And the results that Erica shares on P.S.- I made this… are an inspirational call to action for everyone to reimagine, reuse + reinvent more!

Erica’s newest book is coming out soon, and we couldn’t be more excited to be hosts for the P.S.- you’re invited… launch tour – including a DIY workshop at west elm stores around the country on Saturday, September 21st.

Erica will be leading her own special book launch + workshop events in person at west elm Broadway in NYC on 9/12, at west elm Philadelphia on 9/15, at west elm Los Angeles at 9/18, and at west elm Fenway in Boston on 9/22.

Read our interview with Erica and learn more about the DIY life, her love for monk seals, and more…

ps you're invited book

How did you become a DIY master? Have you always been crafty?

Yes! I have DIY in my DNA. As a child, my mother always surrounded me with arts and crafts projects. I was coloring the walls of our house with Sharpie markers at the ripe age of 4…oops! I remember always having tons drawing pads and colorful pens, but one of my more memorable projects that I was old enough to plan myself was a dress I sewed out of an oversized Hanes tee shirt and spare fabric.

diy tie dye pillow project

Of the hundreds of projects you’ve featured, are there any personal favorites that stand out?

Projects are kind of like my children…I can’t pick one favorite, but a few do stand out. I loved the iPad clutchtie-dye pillowsdreamcatcher, the quartz barrette and the tassel necklace.

diy ipade sleeve project

The volume of projects that you post is seriously impressive! Where do you like to get new ideas?

I love combing amazing flea markets, from Paris to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. I also have a serious collection of inspiration archives from ashion and Interior design magazines, museums and art galleries.

diy tassel necklace project

Favorite book + ice cream flavor + animal?

Book: Right now it’s MY NEW ONE – sorry, but true!
Ice Cream: Toss-up between mint chocolate chip and cookies & cream.
Animal: Monk seals. (I recently fell in love with them in Kona, Hawaii.)

hawaii monk seal

What’s your process from turning the moment of “I like it” into “I make it”?

When an image or an object stops me in my tracks I know there is magic in the works. I start to do the “craft math” in my head. I usually take pictures on my phone and then send to my team with a subject line in all CAPS, saying something along the lines of, MUST MAKE!

Anytime you add your personal touch with customization, any item is automatically more special and has a story to go with it. I can’t imagine a better way to live!

diy dreamcatcher project

RSVP here for the P.S.- I made this… workshop at your local west elm on Saturday, September 21st!

Erica will be leading her own special book launch + workshop events in person at:
west elm Broadway in NYC on 9/12
west elm Philadelphia on 9/15
west elm Los Angeles at 9/18
west elm Fenway in Boston on 9/22.

erica domesek of ps i made this

Erica Domesek is the stylishly crafty maven behind the P.S.- I made this… brand. Follow all of Erica’s DIY projects on her website, and you can get social with P.S. on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Images: Erica Domesek

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August 27, 2013

I’ll be there! Sounds Exciting! Congrats!

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