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We feature some of our favorite Etsy artists in our August catalog, including Paulina Rypakova’s woodcut print! Read our interview with the artist behind the Emerald Snow Etsy shop that first caught our eye, and see more of her work…

emerald snow etsy west elm

Do you remember when you first wanted to be an artist?

I fell in love with art when I was 5 years old. After studying at the School of Applied arts, I studied in the department of printmaking at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, and just graduated this year.

paulina varregn finland woodcut print etsy

What has been inspiring you, recently?

My artwork totally changed after studying in Helsinki, Finland, at Aalto University. Scandinavian art and design is beautiful, simple, and so connected with nature. After this experience I started to find a beautiful shapes in nature like stones, gemstones, and rocky mountains. Inspiration is everywhere around us, I just need to watch.

emerald snow etsy woodcut west elm

What is the story behind this woodcut print?

This piece of art was been created in Finland during the winter. I’m a person who loves cold and snow, so my relationship to Scandinavia and to other “cold countries” is very close.

In my dreams, I always imagine myself as a lucky person living somewhere on the coast of Iceland, Greenland, or someplace in Scandinavia. I love the feeling that I get while sitting on the coast of frosted sea. It’s very relaxing and meditative. This woodcut is about this feeling.

paulina varregn emerald snow west elm

Is there a central theme or philosophy behind your work?

My artworks are a celebration of life and nature itself, pointing back to the beauty around us. A big influence for my artwork is “Women Who Run With The Wolves” by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. It is a book that talks about our connection with our inner wild beings, nature, and instincts.

nature inspired print paulina varregn

Do you make art every day?

Almost every day! I couldn’t live without creation, because in art I see the sense of my life. I graduated a month ago, and I am now moving to Belgium, where I’m planning to open a small art studio and to focus on my Etsy shop.

west elm etsy

Paulina Varregn’s nature-inspired woodcut print is featured in our August catalog, and on You can see more of her work on Etsy and her personal website.

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Images: Paulina Rypakova and west elm

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July 29, 2013

I’m so happy to see Paulina here! I discovered her Etsy shop shortly after she opened and now have two of her pieces in my collection which truly stand out. Her work is inspiring, fresh, and unique.

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