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We feature some of our favorite Etsy artists in our August catalog, including Allison Long Hardy‘s abstract lithographs! Read our interview with the artist behind the Ordered Chaos Etsy shop that first caught our eye, and see more of her work…

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Do you remember when you first wanted to be an artist?

I’ve loved art since I could remember and I’ve always considered myself an artist. I don’t actually remember when I was first introduced to art, but when I was little my parents surprised me with a trip to the National Gallery of Art in DC and it was a pretty prolific experience. I remember being mesmerized by all of the works and especially loving the Contemporary Wing. From there, there was no turning back!

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What has been inspiring you, recently?

Lately I’ve been interested in the work of Sarah Sze. Her installations are collections of objects that interact with one another through placement and aesthetic qualities. I also like how she can create these expansive installations out of tiny, ordered objects. I recently saw her work in person at the Baltimore Museum of Art and I never realized just how temporary they are. It’s a way of making that is really gutsy and involves a lot of thought and planning. Her attention to detail is amazing.

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What is the story behind these stone lithograph prints?

The stone lithographs come out of my infatuation with movement. There was a time in my studio practice when I was exploring stop animation and flip books. I viewed the stop animations and flip books as the final products, but did not consider the work getting there to be worthwhile.

Someone said to me that they thought that the process of getting there was just as beautiful as the end result, so I started thinking about that. I loved the idea of doing something as labor-intensive as lithography to create these individual pieces that could potentially be strung together in a stop animation or flip book.

etsy stone lithograph print

What is it about stone lithography that appeals to you as a medium?

I like the labor. Lithography, especially stone lithography, is a labor intensive process that can be very gratifying or extremely difficult. I know that sounds crazy, but sometimes I love the process more than the end result. It makes me appreciate the work behind the final product.

stone lithograph allison long hardy

Tell us a little bit about your home studio space.

My home studio is great. The space is actually a small bedroom on the first floor of our townhome that overlooks our small, but mighty, backyard. I have a small press that takes up the majority of the space and a bathroom that I use for mat and frame storage and bathtub that I soak my paper in. For my larger drawings I commandeer the kitchen table and spread out there.

allison long hardy

Do you have a personal motto?

Love what you do.

etsy west elm august catalog

Allison Long Hardy’s abstract lithograph prints are featured in our August catalog, and on You can see more of her work on her Etsy page and her personal website.

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Images: Allison Long Hardy and west elm

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Julie Ali

December 8, 2013

She is pretty amazing and I wish I lived right next to her.
I love the spareness of her works and the gutsy lines of her neuronal compositions.
I know nothing about art but these works appeal to me as visual poems.
Who she is shows in her works, and her love for her work is also evident.
There is such a vivid variety and yet suggestive single spare slips.

I think she is a very adorable artist.

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