diy polka dot barware glasses

Chelsea Costa of Lovely Indeed used our Beacon Glassware to create this set of polka dotted highball gasses. The fun mid-century modern pattern looks perfect for summertime happy hour on a patio and/or fire escape. Here’s Chelsea with some simple step-by-step instructions for how to make your own at home…

make your own polka dot glasses

I fell in love with the shape and weight of the Beacon Highball Glasses, and decided that they were just begging for a little DIY pattern of their own. This project is fantastic because it’s so customizable, so let’s get going!

how to make polka dot glasses

What You’ll Need
Beacon Glassware
• Glass Paint (I used this one by Martha Stewart)
• Small Craft Paintbrush
• Adhesive-Backed Vinyl or Contact Paper
• Hole Punch
• Sharp Scissors
• Ruler

    1. Start by thoroughly cleaning and drying your glassware.Then cut a strip of vinyl that’s 9” long and 2.5” wide, with about a .5” peak in the center. (The peak will keep your polka dots level as you wrap your vinyl around the glass.)

you can paint glasses

    2. Punch holes at random in the vinyl, creating a polka dot pattern.

polka dot glassware project

    3. Lay the vinyl on the glass, placing the center down first and smoothing out toward the sides. It may take a couple of tries to get the vinyl straight; it shouldn’t be a problem to remove it and place it on the glass again. Be sure that there are no air bubbles and that each polka dot is smoothed down so that no paint will seep underneath.

chelsea costa diy glassware project west elm

    4. Using the paintbrush, place a stroke of glass paint over each polka dot, being sure that each one is completely covered.

make your own mid century bar

diy highball project chelsea costa west elm

    5. Carefully remove the vinyl from the glass, peeling off slowly so as not to damage the paint.

chelsea costa polka dot glassware project

    6. Allow the paint to dry and cure according to the directions on the packaging. Some may take longer than others, or have alternative curing methods like baking or washing.

mid century polka dot glassware diy

    7. After the paint is completely cured, pour yourself a drink and have fun! I can’t wait to use these at our next gathering. Cheers!

west elm mid century glassware diy polka dots

Thanks Chelsea!

chelsea costa lovely indeed blog

Chelsea Costa is the founder of Lovely Indeed, a blog about living a DIY lifestyle and all of the happiness that comes with it. Read more here, or connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.


make your own polka dot barware

diy mid century barware polka dots how to make polka dot glasses

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May 24, 2013

These are adorable! West elm – do you still have the clear highball glasses, I only see smoke online. Thanks!

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May 24, 2013

These are so adorable! I can’t wait to give this a try on my own West Elm glassware!

Chandara Creative

May 24, 2013

What an easy, but lovely idea! Love it!


May 27, 2013

I cant believe I never thought of that! So cool!


May 28, 2013

Love this DIY, Chelsea. So easy and cute. And the simple shape of these glasses works really well with the polka dots.

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July 18, 2013

looks really adorable!!! soo…. is it just water with mint in the glass?

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