how to make your own porcelain hanging planter

Elise Blaha’s craft blog is a favorite source for great DIY ideas, and we loved her concept of turning our Porcelain Hurricanes into hanging planters! The final product looks amazing, and would be easy for anyone to recreate at home. Here’s how Elise did it.

diy hanging planter how to project

These white Porcelain Hurricanes that are designed to hold candles jumped out at me. I don’t need more candle holders at the moment, but their size was fantastic and it seemed easy enough to turn them into gorgeous hanging planters…

make your own porcelain hanging planter diy

The trick with any container plant is allowing for drainage so you can water without over-watering. To turn the candle holders into planters, I had to add a liner container inside that could actually hold my plant and the dirt.

porcelan floral planter hanging diy project

To hang my new candle holders turned planters, I used rope from the hardware store. The hurricanes had decorative holes built into them (which is why this worked so well) and I tied three pieces of rope through every sixth hole on the top row and left the knots on the outside (these could also be tucked inside for a cleaner look).

DIY hanging planter elise blaha

The planters were hung on sturdy ceiling hooks and were staggered just a bit. They and the other hanging planter I have held up by macrame are truly my favorite bit of the bedroom and I love waking up to them each morning.

elise blaha make your own hanging planter

how to make your own hanging porcelain planter

Thanks Elise!

Get more of Elise’s wonderful DIY projects + musings on her personal craft blog.

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Chris Elmendorf

May 15, 2013

I love it! I have an iron hurricane lantern that would make a beautiful planter! Thanks. 🙂

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