Did that whole spring cleaning moment pass you by? Don’t worry. There’s still time, and we’ve got you some help. Jeffrey Phillip is a professional master of organization here in New York City, where he helps clients (and the occasional television host) create order out of their apartment chaos. We asked Jeffrey to share 5 of his top tips for decluttering your home this summer!

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1. Hide Under The Bed
In smaller living spaces, maximizing square footage is essential. There’s no better place to take advantage of extra space than right under your bed. Typically, people feel limited with the amount of under-the-bed space due to the height of their bed frame. Risers will help lift the bed anywhere from 3 to 6 inches higher, making more room for luggage and storage bins. If you are in the market for a new bed, look for one that incorporates built-in drawers.

Style Tip – Make sure to use an appropriately measured bedskirt when using risers to keep your secret storage disguised and keep the room looking neat and crisp.

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2. Utilize The Ceiling
If floor space is tight, consider using the space above. Ceilings are an often underutilized and overlooked space for storage. Whether you need to get your bike out of the way or don’t have enough room for a lamp near your bed, the ceiling can serve as an easy solution. Hanging pendant lamps are also great way to open up some floor space.

Safety Tip – When hanging from above, always be sure to properly reinforce your items and contact a professional if needed.

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3. Culinary Utility Wall
Cabinet space is prime kitchen real estate that tends to fill up rather quickly. Making a culinary utility wall with pegboard is a creative way to free up some cabinet space. It will keep your most beloved kitchen tools at the ready for when you need them.

Style Tip – Paint the pegboard to match the wall and make it blend in, or if you’re feeling really fun, a complimentary tone can bring a fabulous pop of color to the room.

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4. Uniform Containers
Matching containers are a quick way to clean-up kitchen cabinets and create more space. Loose bags of rice, pasta and other dry goods often leave cabinets looking sloppy, waste space and cause frustration when searching for things. Using uniform containers will save space by eliminating odd shaped packaging, will make it easier to keep things looking neat, prevents spills, and help food stay fresh and last longer.

Style Tip – Use clear containers to always know what you have and what needs to be restocked.

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5. Go Rogue
If you’re short on drawer space in your kitchen, go rogue. Who said silverware needs to be kept in a drawer? Think out of the box (or drawer, for that matter) and utilize more of the wall space in your kitchen. A small utensil basket covers a minimal amount of wall space and can free up that much needed drawer for other kitchen must-haves.

Style Tip – Create a utensil basket that blends in with your decor and suits your fancy – think about options like bamboo baskets, old metal tins, or vintage wooden crates.

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Jeffrey Phillip is a professional organizer + designer based in New York City. See more decluttering ideas + examples of Jeffrey’s work on his website.


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June 9, 2013

Thanks a lot for these tips, I recently moved into a new place and these will go a long way towards helping me organize.
I just had a question regarding 3. Culinary Utility Wall, the utility shelf in the picture, could you give me more details about that one (i.e which brand is it etc.)
Thanks again 🙂

natalie gottlieb

October 30, 2013

where do I find the small round turn tables used in Katie’s bathroom and what are their cost?

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