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Summer demands a special soundtrack, so we asked Elise Joseph of Pennyweight to create this fantastic warm weather mix for us! Elise is a blogger, curator, and generally a creative force in her hometown of Nashville, a city that knows its music.

Listen below, and if you don’t have Spotify yet, it’s free to download.

“There’s no time quite as magical as dusk in summer, the barely dark hour just before the evening falls. Whether surrounded by a crackling campfire, the natural glow of the twinkling sky, or—in my case here in the South—lanterns on a front porch, it’s nice to kick back with an ice cold beverage, good friends and endless songs on the radio. Here is a mixtape for just that.”

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Elise Joseph of Pennyweight

Elise Joseph is the multi-talented stylist, art director and blogger behind Pennyweight Blog and Pennyweight Goods. Follow Elise on her highly reccomended Instagram + Pinterest accounts!

Photo: Abby Powell Thompson

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