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Instagram is a near-perfect avenue for sharing the Happy Mundane aesthetic. — Jonathan Lo’s ability to recognize beauty in parking lots and doughnuts is what Instagram is all about. Colorful, graphic and understated, his images are some of our favorites in our feed. Add @happymundane to your own Instagram feed and get some pointers from Jonathan below…

How has the quickness and easiness of Instagram impacted Happy Mundane’s point of view?

In the past, I would only periodically post photos of my “mundane aesthetic” photography on the blog. However, since using Instagram, I now have a perfectly designated space to constantly capture those wonderful “mundane” moments as soon I see them, and share them instantly! Instagram has also introduced me to a bunch of other amazing people who also share that same appreciation of the things they see every day.

by @happymundane

Who are some of your favorite Instagrammers?

I have so many great instagrammers that I follow! I’d say off the top of my head, @dabito, @Rick_Poon and @iheartsunnydays are 3 instagrammers that I always find myself clicking the “like” button with. Whether it’s through quiet moments, amazing food, or the gorgeous locations they are in, they each have a unique and personal way of showing the beauty around them.

By @dabito — photographer + blogger at Old Brand New
by @Rick_Poon — photographer + blogger at à la mode
by Lizzy (@iheartsunnydays)

I’ve been fortunate enough to have met and hung out with Dabito and Rick since they’re both local in Southern California, but as soon as I am able to go to Australia, I definitely would love to meet @Iheartsunnydays!

What’s your process? Do you use camera and photography apps other than Instagram?

I normally just use my iPhone camera, and rotate between the built-in filters in Instagram. However, I do also frequently use two apps — Afterlight and Snapseed. I enjoy Afterlight for their filter range and flexibility, and I use Snapseed when I want to isolate just a certain area — like brightening up a dark corner.

Do you have a favorite filter?

In Instagram, I tend to use Amaro and Valencia the most.

Donut pillow wall by @happymundane (Valencia filter)
Pavement by @happymundane (Valencia filter)

What are 3 tips you’d like to share to help an Instagrammer improve?

  1. Don’t be afraid to get close up. There’s beauty in the details.
  2. The subject of your photo doesn’t always need to be centered. Negative space can add interest and impact
  3. Space out your postings, you don’t want to clog up everyone’s feed!
by @happymundane

If there was one photo meme you could eradicate in an instant, what would you choose? Drunken selfies? Feet at the beach? Airplane wings?

LOL! Hmmm… Photos of just looking down at your shoes on the ground is one that I think we’ve all seen enough of — plus it’s rarely a flattering angle for anyone!


Jonthan Lo is the principal and founder of J3 Productions – a multidisciplinary design studio + consultancy. He blogs at HappyMundane.com. Get to know him, or connect with Jon on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.

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April 23, 2013

Love this. We’re new to Instagram but finding it a great way to show people what happens “behind the curtain.” Cheers! @tinseltwine


April 23, 2013

love it! i love the simple straight-forward tips and now have new folks to go check out. thanks! @anightowlblog

laura redburn // cardboardcities

April 24, 2013

love the doughnut cushion wall!

heather moore

April 25, 2013

I’m a big fan of Jonathan’s Instagram feed. Hooray!


May 29, 2013

Really nice to find new fun instagramers! Thanks for the tips, love the photos, @happymundane. – @MatthewCaptures.

Janet Brown

July 10, 2013

Good ideas and thanks for the tip to leave out the ‘feet’ shots. Enough already. Opps, I think I just did that yesterday. Ha ha

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