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We feature some of our favorite Etsy artists in our most recent spring catalog, including Thedor Erkamps’s Mid Century-inspired art! Hard to believe that these are actually Giclée – large format, high resolution inkjet prints. Read our interview with the Ohio-based artist and see more of his work…

etsy west elm catalog giclee prints mid century inkjet

What’s the origin story of your studio?

My art print studio originated when I found myself at a juncture in my professional career about 2 years ago. It was at a time and place where I felt compelled to change directions and initiate something very different and something inspiring.

I was in the graphics field my entire working-life and I was really due for a career makeover. I always wanted to create fine art prints. I am very excited with my newfound passion and am only looking ahead!

etsy west elm catalog mid century modern prints

What do think it is about mid-century style that you are so drawn to?

I embody the principle of “less is more” and wholeheartedly embrace functionality. Because of that, I am most drawn to the “form that follows function” minimalist and modernist philosophy. It never seizes to amaze me how instrumental this movement have been throughout the years, and still are today. I also like how mid-century styles examined and developed dynamic color combinations, many of which and still widely used today.

etsy west elm catalog mid century modern prints

Where do you like to turn for inspiration?

Inspiration almost always catches me by surprise. The best type just hits me unawares, and I usually find it in music, movies, conversations, nature, the books I’m reading and the immediate world around me. One big source of inspiration for me is photography – which is very dear to my heart – and I have been actively shooting since I was 13-years-old. It gets me out there in the real world and forces me to see it through a different set of eyes.

etsy west elm catalog mid century modern prints

What role does art play in your life?

Art is a full time job as well as a passionate hobby. I’m always cogitating the interplay between shapes, musing over a compliment of colors or studying the beauty of a particular design piece or artwork. Often times you’ll see me checking out things to see how they are made, how well they are made, or what they’re made of. It’s not uncommon for anyone to find me crawling around on the floor trying to find a label on a chair or piece of furniture, flipping over a painting on the wall or staring up at a cool light fixture – art is where you find it and I find it all the time!

thedor west elm catalog etsy netherlands mid century modern

Thedor Erkamps’s prints are featured on pages 47 of our April catalog, and on You can see more of his work on his Etsy page.

Read about all of our catalog-featured Etsy artists here!

Images: Thedor and west elm

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Lana Manis

April 19, 2013

Wonderful, clean, fresh prints! I just recently invested in a wide-format printer to make prints of my own artwork and was amazed at the quality! Congratulations to Thedor and other fellow Etsy artists for being featured on West Elm!


April 19, 2013

Wonderful work, fits lovely into the West Elm collection. Congrats Thedor!


April 22, 2013

Nice work! I especially love that first print.

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