For all the indoor gardening novices who need help keeping their leafy friends alive, we asked Carmen Devito of Groundworks Inc. and west elm Market’s Brooklyn Blend Potting Soil to create care sheets for 8 of her favorite houseplants. Use them to greenify your home this spring!

winter jasmine plant care guide jasminum polyanthum

Name: Winter Jasmine (Jasminum Polyanthum)
Light: Bright
Water: Medium to High (2-3 times a week- depending on light exposure)
Care: Moderate

This species doesn’t disappoint in the looks department with its delicate foliage and wild twining habit. But that’s not why I grow the Jasminum Polyanthum – it’s for the snowy white flowers and intoxicating scent in the dead of winter that makes this plant a regular part of my collection. If you can give it bright light, and a cool (55-60 degrees is ideal) well-lit room, you will be in awe.

Get a new houseplant guide from Carmen every week on the Front&Main blog! See them all here.


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