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If you spend your days at a desk, having a good workspace is key! That’s why we fell in love with graphic designer Eva Black’s blog, and her regular visits to the functionally fantastic workspaces of fellow creative professionals like Cassie Pyle and Chelsea Fullerton. The little everyday physical details – the multitude of different ways that creatives store pens on a desk or organize their books – are fascinating and inspirational in the most practical way.

Eva just refreshed her own studio (and her blog design!) so we flipped the script to take a look at where she works, and to talk design. Read on…

eva black spaces studio visit west elm workspace

What is the origin story of your Spaces series?

I began the series merely out of curiosity about where other designers work and how their careers, as artists, came to be.

We spend most of our days in a place that, I would hope, inspires our work, and I wanted a peek into other people’s spaces. I wanted it to be a real look into real workspaces, whether it be from the couch, the kitchen table, or an amazing shared studio space.

Although I haven’t gotten any ‘from the couch’ workspaces (yet), it’s been really amazing to look into everyone’s actual space, ones that are full of life and frankly, full of stuff. In the day of Pinterest, it’s easy to get caught up in perfectly styled workspaces, but, practically, it’s hard to create a ‘perfect space’, when you’ve got art supplies and paper flowing out every nook and cranny.

eva black graphic design los angeles west elm workspace

What the most prized possession in your studio right now?

My most prized possession in my studio right now would have to be it’s natural light. My studio is in the second bedroom of our apartment and we have the most amazing old windows, it also happens to be the sunniest room in our place. I’m incredibly thankful for the light that floods the room. It really is inspiring.

natural light workspace eva black west elm

eva black west elm studio visit workspace los angeles graphic designers

After featuring so many amazing studios, what two cardinal rules have your learned about creating a functional creative workspace?

1.Organization. As artists & designers, we’ve all got quite the collection of supplies, books, paper, and you name it. And those things need a place to ‘live.’ I know for me, my studio space is never as organized as it is in these photos, but it’s always nice to start the day or week with a fresh slate.

2.Surrounding yourself with things that inspire you. After all, you spend how many hours a day in that one spot? You want the things around you to inspire you because it will influence your mood and ultimately your work.

eva black interview west elm los angeles graphic design studio

graphic design studio organization eva black

What’s the best thing you’ve learned in the past six months?

To trust my gut. I often get caught up stressing about what I need to do, how exactly something should be designed, scheduling, saying no, you name it. And I’ve finally begun to trust my instincts. If something isn’t sitting right, I’ve found listening to yourself is probably the best thing you can do.

eva black spaces interview west elm workspaces pinterest

Which Spaces posts stand out in your memory, for whatever reason?

Oh, this one is hard! Each workspace has been so inspiring, but I think I have two that stand out most to me for different reasons. The first one is Cassie Pyle’s, of The Veda House. Her space is so beautifully curated with vintage treasures. The other would have to be Lindsey Stetson of MStetson Design. Her workspace is so perfectly organized, but it still looks like a ‘real’ workspace, it really is inspiring.

eva black design modern stamps west elm la

What do you think your workspace says about you?

I hope it shows off my love for creating things and what truly inspires me. Everything I have in my studio tells a little something about who I am, from photos to my older art pieces, to my desk and other pieces I’ve created just to have in there.

I think creatives can be really influenced and inspired by their workspaces so I’m constantly striving to add new things, whether it’s my work or others’.

modern workspace design studio tips eva black west elm

graphic design west elm eva black studio visit los angeles

See Eva’s graphic design work on her website, discover what inspires her on Pinterest, and you can follow her adventures on Instagram + Facebook + Twitter.

Images: Kayla Adams

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April 11, 2013

Although my digital files are all extremely organized, in real life, my desk is crowded with unorganized papers and “stuff”. I’ve moved alot and never had a proper “organizing” system going on.
This post has inspired me to go and re-do my entire workspace this summer. Time to get some filing system and drawers going!
I love west elm and with it’s recent location in Vancouver I may need to pop in for some helping hands 🙂


April 11, 2013

Seriously boring. This is about as average as a thousand other office/work spaces I’ve seen. Mason jars to hold stuff? Please don’t tell me you think that’s original.


April 11, 2013

beautiful space – i love how organized it is in these photos! very inspiring 😉


April 12, 2013

Is the desk from West Elm? I love the desk! And that little metal crate. I work in a cookie cutter sort of office, but now that I’m settled into the job a bit more, I’m definitely looking for ways to make it more my own, be more organized, and in desperate need of inspiration!

Maggie Ryan

April 12, 2013

Great space Eva! I’m so jealous of all of the natural light in your office! 🙂

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Ainee Beland

April 16, 2013

A place for everything and everything in its place!


June 25, 2015

Anne, click on the hyperlink “the series” to see all of the other designs. I agree, it is a bit confusing.

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