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We feature some of our favorite Etsy artists in our most recent catalog, including Metropolitan Craft‘s architectural tabletop models! Read our interview with artist Laurence Srinivasan, and check out more of his great work…

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What is the origin story of your Metropolitan Craft studio?

Metropolitan Craft began 2 years ago. Half is model making for architects, and the other half being tabletop sculpture and personal creative projects. The name of the studio was inspired by Rem Koolhaas and OMA, the Office for Metropolitan Architecture. I liked the connotation in the name. Delirious New York and S,M,L,XL [two of Koolhaas’ books] both left lasting impressions on me!

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Why did you first start making these models?

I’m a trained architect and a model maker. I studied at an art schoo,l so I’ve also been strongly influenced by art and sculpture. For the last few years I’ve been a professional model maker, working for architects, and firms in San Francisco. For me it was an easy transition to tabletop sculpture because of all this training.

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What is it about your industrial subject matter that appeals to you so much?

I’ve always loved industrial subject matter. American cities have such great industrial infrastructure, and San Francisco is no exception! Sutro Tower, until recently, was seen as industrial blight. I think a lot of people either love or hate these structures! They certainly have a presence. I like their practical elegance and purity. 

Sutro is a very elegant structure with the way it tapers and then widens at the top. The tripod stance is also graceful and stable.

The Cranes are somewhat animistic. They resemble mechanical creatures with legs and a head, like the Imperial Walkers from Star Wars!

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Where do you like to turn for inspiration?

For me it helps to have a nice backyard or a natural spot to visit from time to time. I’m a firm believer in Edison’s comment that inspiration only works with 99% perspiration! I also like the Eames quote: “Take your play seriously!” My version of that quote would be “making fun is serious business!” It reminds me not to give up on the vision even when things aren’t working out.

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What is the Metropolitan Craft theme song?

When I’m working I listen to a lot of electronica, so it would probably be something by Future Sound of London!

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Laurence Srinivasan’s models are featured on page 70 of our April catalog, and on You can see more of his work on Metropolitan Craft’s Etsy page.

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