For all the indoor gardening novices who need help keeping their leafy friends alive, we asked Carmen Devito of Groundworks Inc. and west elm Market’s Brooklyn Blend Potting Soil to create care sheets for 8 of her favorite houseplants. Use them to greenify your home this spring!

swiss cheese plant care guide monstera deliciosa west elm

Name: The Swiss Cheese Plant (Monstera Deliciosa)
Light: Bright but indirect light
Water: Moderate – water 1-2 times per week to keep soil barely moist
Care: Easy

In the jungles of Central America, this vining plant produces a delicious pineapple-banana-flavored fruit. While that probably won’t happen in your living room, its huge, glossy, and deeply serrated leaves make it a dramatic choice.

These species naturally like to climb, and are usually grown on a stake stuck into the pot. They send out interesting aerial roots, which provide additional moisture and nutrients, plus add character. Keep this big & bold beauty in a warm room, add a vintage planter, and you will have instant 1970s glamour!

A Note On Pets: Always check with your vet before bringing a new plant into your home.

Get a new houseplant guide from Carmen every week on the Front&Main blog! See them all here.


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