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Otis isn’t just our Brooklyn office’s beloved resident dog, he’s also the official model for west elm Market’s new selection of Made in USA pet accessories! Enjoy these behind-the-scenes pictures from Otis’ photo shoot and get to know this charismatic pup.

west elm market made in usa pet accessories dog bandanas


English Bulldog.


DUMBO, Brooklyn.

Any tricks or hidden talents?

Has recently picked up soccer. Plays a mean defense.

west elm market brooklyn artisan pet accessories dumbo dog run

Favorite leisure time activity?

Sleeping (and snoring.)

Favorite food?

Spoil Me Rotten Dog Treats from west elm Market in Brooklyn.

Attitude towards cats?


west elm otis office dogs dumbo dog locally made pet accessories

Frisbee or stick?


Favorite local desination?

The Brooklyn Bridge Dog Park.

Favorite new west elm Market pet accessory?

Wagwear “Thirsty” Dog Bowl. Otis gets very thirsty, so loves having a huge bowl of water under paw.

dog photoshoot west elm market artisan pet accessories brooklyn made in usa

Do you have a Brooklyn dog? Come by our Pet Party at west elm Market Brooklyn in Dumbo on Saturday, April 13th!


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west elm market pet accessories made in america

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April 1, 2013

I think that Otis is adorable!!! Love the photo shoot gallery.

Lauren @momhomeguide

April 1, 2013

Otis is so darn cute! You are lucky to have him! Love the photos!

Janelle Krohn

April 1, 2013

Does he have a twin? I want one! 🙂

dave parham

August 9, 2013

Otis, do you really have an honest appreciation for the color of your coat? Did you ask for that fabulous color? Did you work to make it look like that? nnnnNNNNO-O-O!!!! Yet your simplicity and peaceful demeanor bring glory to your outward virtues as well. U.GO.O!

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