The wonderful Emily Henderson picked 12 of her favorite local makers for an Etsy Pop-Up event at west elm Los Angeles earlier this month, and it was an amazing time for all involved! We could tell you more about it, but we’ll let this video do the talking…

If you’re in the Austin area, be sure to visit our next Etsy Pop-Up curated by Camille Styles on April 6th!

See more ways that west elm + local artists + Etsy are working together!


  • Dominik by Dominik Kowalik
  • Iron Curtain Press by Rosanna Kvernmo
  • Upper Metal Class Jewelry
  • Fabled Soap Co
  • Pommes Frites
  • Sass & Peril
  • Krank Press
  • TW Pottery
  • Jikits Mobiles by Kim Baise
  • Sol Del Sur
  • 1.61 Handcrafted Bags
  • Kelly Kyoko Handmade Bracelets
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