We’re excited to open 10 new west elm Market shop-in-shops inside west elms around the country — our store teams are adding the expanded Market assortments of kitchen, food, garden, care & repair and personal care items this week and we’ll be celebrating with free coffee and treats (plus a special in-store discount) on a Saturday in April…

These 10 west elm stores are welcoming all the new west elm Market goodies with free coffee and treats!

Free Coffee + Treats on Saturday April 6:

Free Coffee + Treats on Saturday April 13:

These 10 shop-in-shops join west elm Market flagship stores in Brooklyn and Vancouver, along with the 8 established shop-in-shops.

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April 1, 2013

I’ve just check out the product range – It looks awesome. Fabulous idea! I was wondering if we would be seeing the West Elm Market coming to the soon to open Sydney Store?

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