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Emma Reddington is the interior designer behind The Marion House Book, which is one of our hands-down favorite Canadian shelter blogs. Emma’s keen eye and good taste is enviable, her ability to take on so many different types of projects has been inspiring, and just last week she was named the new Home Editor of Chatelaine Magazine! Read on for our interview with this design blogger success story.

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What inspires you?

I’m inspired by smart, talented creative women who manage to pull themselves together in an effortless but extremely chic way. Women like Sofia Coppola, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Garance Dore, Grace Coddington, Aerin Lauder.

emma reddington hgtv canada blogger west elm blogger interview

What are some of your favorite past home décor projects, and what are you dreaming about for the future?

My two favorite house projects would have to be our master bedroom and the nursery.

My number one dream project for the future is reclaimed chevron floors throughout the house, new windows and an updated kitchen. Is that more than one? I can’t help myself!

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What’s the best thing you’ve learned in the past six months?

If you do what you love and love what you do the rest will follow.

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How do you define “good interior design?”

First and foremost the room should be functional. Beyond that the room should invite you in to want to discover more. Whether it’s a piece of art on the wall that requires closer scrutiny or a group of objects on a mantelpiece or a fine piece of furniture that demands to be touched the best rooms will have a story to tell.

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You are a mantel master! What are your fireplace styling tips?

Mantels are great places to have fun and create interesting vignettes. Start with a group of objects that have something in common whether its shape, color, texture or material and then play around until you find a cohesive arrangement. Also every mantel needs a focal point so find a mirror or a piece of art to center the arrangement and go from there.

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What is the most prized possession your home right now?

It would have to be my home itself. I feel lucky everyday to be able to wake up in a place that still has all the charm and details of a century old home but with modern day conveniences.

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You can follow Emma on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Images: Living Room by Per Kristiansen. Holiday mantel by Kristin Sjaarda. All others by The Marion House Book.

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