Jody McCallum is an expert at making the most of small urban spaces. As west elm Home Stylist in Manhattan’s Chelsea store, Jody mixes her eye for design with the goal of making a cozy space in the city for all her clients. Jody shared her tips for big city living with us…

1. I encourage clients to show me keepsakes they’ve collected over time. Old photos, favorite blankets or collections of books can be used as accessories. I’ll mix these up with pieces from west elm to create a personal style.


2. Rarely do I see a lot of big bedrooms in the city, so maximizing space is always a top priority. The Storage Bed is great for this — it’s clean, modern and has six big drawers underneath.


3. In the wintertime, I actually put two down comforters inside my duvet. It makes my bed extra fluffy and plush. The layers and softness can absolutely give you that calm, soothing feeling in the city.


4. Make sure when buying things for your home, you choose things that make you ‘feel’ good. Living in NYC is fantastic but coming home to a quiet, comforting, happy, space is important. Whether it’s cozy and chic or grand and airy, your space needs to not only ‘look’ good but make you feel good. We work at a hectic pace in the city. We deal with noise, traffic, crazy work life, and all the urban elements here so I love it when clients tell me they love coming home and when they walk in the door their space makes them feel happy.


5. My favorite antique store is John Koch Antiques which is a hidden gem in my neighborhood on the Upper West Side. This place has a diverse selection of antiques, accessories, outdoor furniture, rare oddities, and some really cool mid-century finds! The prices range and while I might not be able to buy those vintage French Modernist lamps, I could walk out with a just the perfect vintage framed artwork to add to my bookcases. I could spend hours in there and the owners are estate specialists. They really know their stuff and always answer all my questions.

Thanks Jody!

Want more design advice? Ask about our free Home Stylist program at your local west elm!

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Kylee Amer

March 18, 2013

This is amazing inspiration! I live in New Zealand in Christchurch and it is nice to have worldly ideas incorporated into our rebuilds after the devastating earthquakes. So “Thankyou”


March 19, 2013

this was great


April 4, 2013

great post! the black and white bee and flower art would fit perfectly in a similar yellow and white setting i have going, can you tell us more about those, please?

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