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Jacqui Gouveia‘s abstract landscapes on Etsy caught our eye right away. In fact, we loved her bold use of color so much that we featured Jacquie’s painting in our spring catalogs! From her studio in Carver, Massachusetts, Jacquie spoke with us about the New England artist life, and showed us more of her work…

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What role does painting play in your life these days? Are you a full-time artist?

When I’m in my studio working, I can truly be myself. I don’t have to please anyone else, I can be messy, I can screw up and let whatever emotions out without any judgment. Painting is my way of being absolutely free and independent. I’m definitely beyond the point of art being a hobby, but it’s not yet a full-time job, so I’m somewhere in the middle right now.

west elm etsy abstract painting decor

How important is where you live in New England to your work?

The New England landscapes are very influential in my work. I have the ability to go and study the beach, marshes, woods, and mountains. And then we also have the seasons, which provide me with an entirely new palette to work with. This wonderful gift from Mother Nature deserves the attention.

west elm jacquie gouveia abstract painting

Outside of your immediate surroundings, where do you like to turn to for inspiration?

Music is very helpful to put me in a better frame of mind. It’s important to not “try” to make a painting, so when I really need help, I will play more and experiment with my headphones on. The music drowns out any doubts I’m having and the playtime usually sets me onto a path of some ideas for new works. Many of my paintings come from my imagination as opposed to an actual location, so playing is important in the creative process to pull out of my head whatever is lingering there.

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What advice do you have for other self-taught painters who are dreaming of following their passion?

Find your own voice in your work. Although you can look at other works for inspiration, be sure to follow your instincts. Don’t let anyone else tell you what or how you should be painting. Most importantly, enjoy the journey of being an artist. If it is your passion, creating will be with you for a lifetime, so form a great relationship with it.

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Jacquie’s painting is featured on page 71 of our February catalog, and on westelm.com. You can see more of her work on her website.

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Images: Jacquie Gouveia and west elm

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Danie at Pasadya

March 8, 2013

I can’t say how much I loved this post and Jacquie’s work. As an artist, I’m totally captivated by it all!

Your blog is amazing, by the way! I can already tell that it’s going to be one of my new favorites!

Jacquie Gouveia

March 9, 2013

Thank you everyone at West Elm for promoting my work-you were all so great to work with and I am very grateful for the recognition you have given to my paintings!

Danie – thank you for the kind words.

Jacquie Gouveia


March 11, 2013

These paintings are beautiful! Congrats Jacquie!


March 12, 2013


Paula Shoskey Klintworth – Tennessee

March 26, 2013

Hello, Jacquie, Happily I noticed one of your paintings on an e-mail I received from WE today; I felt my heart soar with the feelings it evoked! I followed the link and saw more of your paintings. How can I say “Wow!!”, but fill that simple word with all that I feel?!! Your use of color is so fresh and pure, perfectly delightful,so light and airy. I am enthralled by your creations, for they are more than most paintings I see. I, too am mostly a self-taught artist, and as such I do not profess to have a trained eye, but I offer my words as appreciation and delight, and thankfulness that you have found your soul’s outlet. And have been “found” by WE. I hope they promote you all over the place and that I see much more of your work in times to come!! Congratulations – You Inspire Me. – Paula Klintworth

Jacquie Gouveia

March 27, 2013

Paula, thank you so much for your kind words and well wishes for my future. I am so grateful to WE and my supporters.
Jacquie Gouveia

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