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Jenny shares her kitchen renovation — and what a transformation it was! She was able to open up her space by removing two walls and creating an open-plan kitchen + living + dining area for her family…




I just completed a huge home renovation on my kitchen! Our contractor was able tear down two walls, including a large load bearing one and completely opened up the space.



I utilized several west elm pieces to complete the look. We have the Scoop-Back Stool on our island. The open shelves have most of our everyday wear but the Owl Cookie Jar and Modernist Bowls add color and a fun whimsical touch on the shelves. In the adjoining living area I have the Ikat Ogee Curtains and the Martini Side Table. The west elm pieces definitely add fun pops of color and interest into my design. I like to think of my style as “cozy modern” and west elm is a perfect fit.


See more of Jenny’s renovation project on her Houzz Ideabook | Kitchen – before and after.

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Images: via Jenny


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Emily Wignall

March 7, 2013

Wow! I live the asymmetrical design in this kitchen and the balance between the white and dark. Such thoughtful design.


March 7, 2013

Ah, man. That baby blue oven was rockin’! Just kidding. Love the transformation!

Erin Bassett

March 7, 2013

This is a beautiful transformation. But what happened to the teal oven? I can think of a lot of kitchy decorators that would love to get their hands on it 🙂


March 7, 2013

That she got rid of that amazing vintage blue oven makes me kind of sad. Otherwise, it’s beautiful!!

Ceri M.

March 7, 2013

It’s beautiful. But ohmigod I want that wall oven. Please, please tell me someone, somewhere is re-using it.


March 7, 2013

Like the floor plan. It really opened the space up! Open shelving looks lovely! Personally I loved that Retro Oven & I kind of wish they left one element at least but modernized it! I did stainless in my kitchen Reno, but I hear its Retro that is the current trend in appliances. Stainless is classic, but dang it requires so much upkeep, and is so fragile with wear & tear! Wonder if they sold that aqua oven, or just dumped it?!

Irma Navarro-Hankins

March 7, 2013

WOW! I am a wee little bit jelly! As I have an old kitchen that needs help.

Verna Starling

March 7, 2013

Awesome! Very well done!

Toya Younger

March 7, 2013

Amazing, it turned out great. Now can you come do mine?


March 7, 2013

The oven went to a loving home! I would have LOVED to incorporate it into the new design I was just nervous putting in a 60 year old oven. I was nervous when it would eventually pass away than I would be stuck with a huge hole in my wall that the slim modern ovens wouldn’t fill!


March 7, 2013

love the backsplash tiles can you share where you got it?


March 7, 2013

Should have kept the oven as it gave the room character. Now it looks like every other renovation out there. Yawn.


March 7, 2013

As an architectural historian and mid century aficionado, I absolutely love the before. I mean, yes it could use a bit of work and I do like the open plan when they tore down the walls but man… Not to say that the after doesn’t look good and I do love West Elm stuff. But I would kill to have that before kitchen. lol 🙂


March 7, 2013

I agree with some of the other comments…that kitchen looks amazing but that oven was wonderful…it could have been the centerpiece of the whole kitchen


March 7, 2013

I think the kitchen is amazing! If the oven were broke beyond repair I understand not incorporating a useless piece but I hope if it still was in working condition given to a good home. I would think someone with your talent probably made the right choice given what I see.


March 7, 2013

Love love the “after” but wonder where now stores items now. Seems like she lost valuable storage space. Would have been nice as others said to salvage the oven. I had a white/chrome O’Keefe & Merit restored when I bought my house and it truly is the center piece and envy of family and friends. It works great and will likely outlive me.


March 7, 2013

I’m about to air a major gripe of mine. After watching countless home decorating & real estate shows, I am so tired of hearing everyone saying “open concept”; must have open concept! this house has an open concept!I wish it had an open concept! Geeessh! It’s like everyone has been brainwashed to think walls between rooms are so undesirable.

I do not want my kitchen in my living room. I like the separation of rooms. Anyone else feel this way or am I the only one?

BTW, this kitchen reno is lovely.


March 7, 2013

So happy for you and your new space!

Kathy Frey

March 7, 2013

Where did the “load” in the removal of the load bearing wall go?


March 8, 2013

Please can you share where you bought the orange light fixture above the sink?? Your kitchen looks amazing!!


March 8, 2013

Thanks all for the kind words. The oven went to a loving home! We were nervous incorporating a 60 year old oven into our new design because if/when the oven died it would be a large space that new slimmer ovens wouldn’t fill. I didn’t want to worry about new cabinets, filler pieces, etc. I also wanted a stove/oven combo to save space.
Patrycaj – The light fixture above the sink is Jonathan Adler, I got it on ebay.
Kathy Frey – The “load” went into a 25 foot steel beam that lives in the ceiling.
Christelle – The tiles were ordered online from, it is New York in Mist. I heard mixed reviews about ordering tile online but I took a chance because it was a good deal, we are very happy with the tile. Walker Zanger makes a similar style that unfortunately didn’t fit in my budget.


March 9, 2013

Love!!! Love how you opened the kitchen and the great color & material choices!! Lovely!


August 29, 2013

Nice Job! I love the pops of “orange.” In fact, I would love to see the “green” wall painted orange and a few textured orange pillows on the sofa.

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