For great interior design ideas on how to make the most of a small urban apartment, we often turn to Joan Williamson — west elm Home Stylist in our Lincoln Park Chicago store. Here are five of Joan’s ideas for making the most of what you’ve got and expressing your personal style along the way…

1. In a small apartment or studio, storage is often nonexistent. Items like our Storage Bed do double duty and helps avoid the messy look of under-bed storage bins.


2. Make your bed an oasis with lush layers. Be sure to vary the texture, pattern and weight of each layer. Toss on lots of pillows or throws to make your bed the most inviting place in your home.


3. A rug not only softens a space with texture, but also adds a visual break to your floor. It creates a room within a room, which makes a space more intimate and welcoming.


4. One of the best ways to make your home feel like your own is installing your own lighting. If you’re able to get away with it, replace boring rental overheads with more interesting pendants. Or swag a pendant into a room with no overhead light by using a hook and a colorful cord.


5. Add color to your bland space with art! Art is personal, and doesn’t have to be expensive. It can be anything from old vacation postcards to band posters to framing up a favorite fabric or wallpaper swatch. west elm has amazing frames that can help you add polish to your personal art collection. Start with something you love and build the colors for your room around it!


Thanks Joan!

Want more design advice? Ask about our free Home Stylist program at your local west elm!

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