Monica Rodriguez, west elm’s Dadeland Home Stylist, helps customers with everything from party planning to room redos. Here, she shares tips for living well in sunny South Florida…

1. Not every home is effectively designed to take advantage of natural lighting. If you make the most of what’s available, though, you can create a healthier, more comfortable living space.


2. A challenge I often face in South Florida is planning for homes with an open floor plan. Our Crosby Sectional works great in these types of spaces since you can customize and add on to the piece as needed.

west elm retro chic sectional sofa affordable design miami

3. Color is important because it helps to set the mood. It can be used to highlight key features or to bring focus to a particular area. Accent pieces like throws and pillows are the easiest way to achieve this.


4. I recommend our local Douglas Gardens thrift store. It’s a large store and has a broad selection — including art, records, furniture, accessories and a generous book selection. It’s a great place to find accent pieces that are ideal for re-furbishing and painting projects!

5. In Miami we are known for having a lot of sun — and a lot of heat. Keep things light inside your home with naturally light fabrics like linen. This also helps to keep the space visually weightless and makes the most of natural light.


Thanks Monica!

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February 27, 2013

Would love some Miami sun right about now. Thanks for the tips!

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