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Our Ceramicist Vases are some of our favorite new accessories from this spring season! Here’s a look at how they were developed from a couple of rough drawings in our Brooklyn office to a full collection of 8 finished pieces…

west elm glazed ceramics how to sketch pottery

west elm how a vase gets made

Our decorative accessories designer wanted to create a vase with the textured shapes of a traditional potter’s wheel piece. So she started to sketch. Soon the drawing board in our Brooklyn office was covered with different ideas.

west elm ceramicist vase pottery process 3d render

The sketches were rendered on a computer so that the design team could have a better idea of what shapes were complementary, and how different vases might look together as a group. Then we went into the pottery studio to make some prototypes.

west elm teardrop vase pottery throwing guide

The design team explored different glazes, playing with depths and washes of color until deciding on a soft, textured glaze in a range of colors.

pottery glaze how to test colors west elm

west elm glaze ceramics pottery colors how to glaze

how to test pottery ceramics glaze colors west elm

Casts were made from the original hand-thrown models, and these were sent out to become production molds — natural imperfections and all. The result is a crafted collection that is true to its material. We love how it all comes together!

west elm hand throwed vase how vases get made

Ceramicist Vase Collection
Behind The Scenes

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