FEATURED: Adams 4 Drawer Dresser
WHY IT WORKS: It’s always interesting to see how professional designers use furniture in unexpected places. In this case, designer Patrick J. Hamilton used our tall Adams 4 Drawer Dresser in a nursery…


I love the proportions of the Adams 4 Drawer Dresser. Specifically in this room, we needed a piece that would give great storage but still allow the closet bi-folds to open, so the verticality really worked. It’s also so clean-lined, so it worked really well in this nursery designed before the parents knew if there’d be a little lady or little man taking up residence.


I love the vague vintage feel the legs create. I also really like the white painted finish — it’s not too glossy, also helping to make the piece feel like it was found and then reworked, rather than bought brand new. And it was super easy to assemble! Even under the time pressure of the mom already being in labor!

See more of Stefan’s colorful nursery tour at Apartment Therapy Family | Stefan’s Imagine-Menagerie.

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Images: by Jody Kivort via Apartment Therapy Family


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Heather C.

July 8, 2013

I love the bedding, super interested in where i could find it!? Any help?

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