Music always makes work more wonderful. So in honor of our functional new Market collection, we enlisted some of our favorite music bloggers to craft mixes for working — whether that means sitting at a desk or scrubbing your kitchen floor…

Mark Schoneveld’s YVYNYL (pronounced “why vinyl”) has been introducing readers to new + obscure tunes from independent artists for six years, practically a century in blog-time! Before leaving Philadelphia for a long European adventure, Mark crafted this perfect getting-stuff-done playlist.

“Headphoning while working is a tricky thing — you gotta mix is up. You can’t just stay in one zone too long or you start to fuzz-out. Keeping yourself in a mix of tempos helps your brain to stay alert, and it taps into that deeper subconscious creativity that drives your best writing or critical thinking.”

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Mark of YVYNYL

Get social with YVYNYL on Twitter, Instagram, and exfm. Also check out Small Plates, Mark’s record label.

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