We asked Jessica Packard, a west elm Home Stylist at our San Diego store for her go-to tips for making the most of a small space…

1. It’s all about being more than what meets the eye. Take our Scoop-Back Chairs — if you really want to think outside of the box, use the chair as a nightstand. Style it out with magazines + a few necessary bedside details.


2. Flooring can do wonders! Live in a studio apartment? Use a rug to section off your living room from your bedroom or to add texture throughout.


3. Invite your walls to the party! Add shelves to open wall space for extra storage or showcase your favorite memories. Shelving can also allow you to build a feature in your home like a fireplace mantle or a kitchen spice rack.


4. I cannot stress the importance of a good balance of ambient, task and natural lighting. I recommend our Overarching Floor Lamp — you can tuck it under your sofa and or have it hang over for a fun touch to your living room.


5. Optical Illusions. Utilize mirrors to make the space feel larger or paint your ceilings a different color than your walls (I recommend a flat white) — both of these make your space seem larger.


Thanks Jessica!

Jessica’s knack for interior design graces both her blog, With Love, Design, and our San Diego store, where she works as a Home Stylist. Want more design advice? Ask about our free Home Stylist program at your local west elm!


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January 6, 2013

Thank you for these great ideas. Some of us who live in small spaces rent, and our flooring is often boring, nondescript carpeting. In my case, I also have an L-shaped living-dining combo, all carpeted. Is it possible to use carpet on carpet, or is that an absolute no-no? If it is possible, are there any tips or guidelines we should use?


January 6, 2013

love this!!!

Jessica Packard

January 7, 2013

Hi Jane, I think you can definitely add rugs on top of the carpet. Some designers would disagree – but, I would suggest selecting a dhurrie rug and/or one that has a very contrasting color/pattern than your carpet. The dhurrie has a different texture than most carpets, which will add more interest to your floor. I am also renting so I know what it’s like to look at boring, beige carpet all day. I say…go for it!


January 8, 2013

[…] Be sure to check out the rest of my tips on the Front & Main Blog —> Here. […]


January 9, 2013

Thank you for your suggestions, Jessica. I feel very encouraged to give it a try!


February 28, 2013

I have used rugs on top of rugs many times. Thre is a knack to it however. The bottom rug can’t be really thick and plush or the top rug will “walk”. Just make sure the carpet is a close to the floor nubby rug. If it is thick and plush it won’t work.

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