We’re big believers in making the most of small living spaces. (Here in NYC, we don’t have a choice!) That’s why we asked Evan Schwartz, our Brooklyn store‘s Home Stylist, to share some interior design tips for living large in a little apartment.

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1. Wall space is your best friend. Too many floor-resting elements will crowd the space. Try staggered shelves and wall-mounted bookcases, but edit what you display. Just because you have 300 books from your days before an e-reader, that doesn’t mean you need to showcase all of them!

2. Use rugs to create rooms within rooms. A rug under a bistro table defines and grounds your dining nook. Define your “living room” by using a complimentary rug a few feet away.

3. You may not be able to have a dinner party where everyone sits in the same place, but that’s city living! If you combine a few sturdy side tables as your everyday coffee table, you can spread them around as extra seating when guests appear.

4. An attractive buffet can double as both the media stand and your dresser. Adding details like small plants, vases, and books will distract from the ugly cable box.

5. Paint the ceiling a different color than the walls. It will draw the eye upward, giving the impression of higher ceilings. Plus, it looks super cool.

Thanks Evan!

Want more design advice? Ask about our free Home Stylist program at your local west elm!


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January 4, 2013

Can you tell me where you got the wire vases?

Caroline @trend-daily

January 4, 2013

Rugs to define spaces within spaces is just perfect advice! Happy New Year everyone!

Evan Schwartz

January 8, 2013

They’re part of our new collection, coming soon!

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