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Our favorite food bloggers inspire us to cook at home and make us hungry every day. We wanted to know them a little better. So we’re getting together to chat all throughout the holidays!

Emma Gardner of Poires Au Chocolat is a Cordon Bleu-trained pastry cook, an Oxford graduate student, and all-around overachiever who creates some truly beautiful desserts. Perhaps most impressive of all, she makes baking feel approachable. Read on for her answers to our holiday food questions!

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What’s your favorite dish to bring to a holiday potluck?

I don’t think I’ve ever been asked to a potluck in the UK, but recently I was asked to take pudding to a party. I took a chocolate hazelnut torte with a sprinkle of smoked sea salt over the top. I also tucked a hand whisk and a pot of cream into my bike basket and whipped it up when we were ready to eat. It’s a great recipe to take somewhere as it’s best when you make it at least a day ahead and it doesn’t need to be reheated or assembled.

Sweet Potatoes vs. Mashed Potatoes?

Mashed potatoes with plenty of butter. Though we always have crispy goose-fat roast potatoes with the Christmas turkey.

Favorite weird holiday leftover meal?

I don’t know if it’s weird or not, but my mum and I always make a turkey-mushroom-onion mixture with a turkey stock and brandy sauce and freeze it to eat with baked potatoes, over pasta or in a pie. It’s delicious.

What’s another blog that inspires your food POV?

I read lots of blogs but one that particularly inspires me is Emiko Davies. Emiko lived in Florence for seven years and writes about traditional Tuscan recipes and their history. It’s a beautiful blog and I always learn something new from her posts.

Thanks Emma!

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Profile photo by Stephanie Shih, tart by Emma Gardner.

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