Holiday parties with friends are a huge part of what makes this season so wonderful. That’s why we asked Jess Rotter, the incredible NYC-based illustrator and DJ, to put together this Holiday Afterparty mix. Jess’ hand-drawn illustration style and musical taste was inspired early on by her dad’s record collection, and the mix features some true 1970s pop-psyche gems! It’s perfect for that moment at the end of a snowy night when a celebration dwindles to a low-key gathering, so pour yourself some eggnog and enjoy.

jess rotter west elm music mix rotter and friendsJess Rotter’s drawings are regularly featured on album covers for artists like Best Coast, besides appearing on book covers, shopping bags, t-shirts, and wall murals. Her first graphic novel, “Paradise,” will be released in 2013.

•Check out Jess Rotter’s website, and you can follow her on Instagram and Twitter.
Watch the video about Jess’ experience painting a permanent mural in room 1122 at the Ace Hotel in NYC.
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Images: Jess Rotter

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