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We’re featuring some of our favorite Etsy artists this season in our catalog and online, including Nathaniel Gibson‘s geometric paintings! See more of his work inspired by natural forms, and read our interview with Nathaniel about dream cabins, geology, and the artist’s life…

etsy west elm paintings DIY geometric design

What originally inspired your geometric painting series?

It’s funny, but this particular series happened on a whim. I’ve painted almost my entire life, and being resourceful has always been part of the fun. I had the itch to try something new, so I picked up a can of spray paint and started repeating these overlapping shapes. As a kid, my uncle who is a Geologist got me hooked on rocks, so I’ve been obsessed with rocks and crystals for many, many years now. When these paintings started to take on this geometric crystal look, I tried to tease it out a bit more. When I find something that works, I get a bit obsessive about it. I love how one idea or approach can turn into an entire series.

etsy west elm paintings DIY affordable design

The kid-friendly watercolors that you paint for Black Cottage Handmade are so different! How did that other project start?

I started Black Cottage Handmade almost two years ago, after my family and I moved from Portland, OR to Southern California. I had just finished building an art studio in Portland, but sometimes life throws curve balls. My wife was offered a great job opportunity, so we threw caution to the wind, packed up our lives, and moved down south to sunny San Clemente, CA.

With my studio in boxes, I started making little watercolors on our kitchen table. The walls were bare in the new place, so I mainly painted cute little animals to hang in my two-year-old son’s room. Before I knew it, I had covered his walls with all these awesome little paintings. I gave it a shot and started selling prints, and I’m extremely grateful for all the warm responses I’ve had so far!

Nathaniel Gibson etsy west elm children's room decor

If time and money were no object, what dream project would you like to take on?

Now, that’s the beautiful question we all dream about, Isn’t it? It hasn’t changed much over the years. I’ll give you the condensed version…

It starts with a secluded plot of land near a small stream. With family and friends, I build a humble but beautiful home that overlooks the water. There is an art studio, and a small room in the attic made for the sole purpose of finishing the book I started a few years ago. We would garden and eat beautiful meals with friends everyday. We would drink more wine, have more kids, and learn to laugh louder. 

etsy west elm modern living room decor design

What is the Nathaniel Gibson theme song?

Oh, that’s easy. Lets Move to The Country by Smog.

west elm modern art living room decor etsy

Nathaniel’s paintings are featured on pages 46 + 47 of the Holiday catalog, and on

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Joshua Brooks

December 17, 2012

Great article for a great artist.

Susan Partridge

December 17, 2012

Excellent interview! Your art is a beautiful expression of what lies within…love it!

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October 27, 2014

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