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Our favorite food bloggers inspire us to cook at home and make us hungry every day. We wanted to know them a little better. So we’re getting together to chat all throughout the holidays!

Gabrielle Arnold’s Honest Fare brings a uniquely sunny Florida perspective to her recipes that’s always fun to read, even when it’s raining and cold here in NYC. Read on for her answers to our holiday food questions…

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What’s your favorite dish to bring to a holiday potluck?

Clafoutis! It’s a French rustic style dessert that’s somewhere between a cake, custard and a pancake. It’s something different that everyone usually likes. You can do them with all kinds of seasonal fruits and they keep great so it’s perfect for making the day before. A nice mixed berry or cherry clafoutis served with some homemade whipped cream is the best.

Sweet Potatoes vs. Mashed Potatoes?

Sweet potatoes all the way! One of my all time favorite root veggies. Sometimes I’ll eat a baked sweet potato for breakfast.

Favorite weird holiday leftover meal?

I like to make turkey and stuffing empanadas with my Thanksgiving leftovers. A nice pile of turkey and a scoop of stuffing folded inside dough pockets, baked and served with a little gravy and cranberry sauce on the side. Sure, this one probably has a lot to do with the fact that I co-own a speciality empanada food truck, but anyone can have fun making empanadas at home.

What’s another blog that inspires your food POV?

Sunday Suppers. I love what those women do.

Thanks Gabrielle!

•Be sure to check out Gabrielle’s La Empanada food truck if you’re in the Orlando area.

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