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Our favorite food bloggers inspire us to cook at home and make us hungry every day. We wanted to know them a little better. So we’re getting together to chat all throughout the Holidays!

Try eating at home every single day in one of the world’s most restaurant-obsessed cities. That was the premise behind Cathy Erway’s Not Eating Out In New York back in 2006. 6 years, 1 cookbook, and a whole lot of outstanding food writing later, the blog is still going strong! Read on for Cathy’s answers to our holiday food questions…

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What’s your favorite dish to bring to a Holiday potluck?

Something crispy and snackable, and my favorite go-to is pan-fried Chinese dumplings. I would probably make them with a new filling to suit the particular party/host/my mood at the time, but the classic pork and shrimp filling is hard to beat.

Sweet Potatoes vs. Mashed Potatoes?

Sweet potatoes, because they’re just a little more interesting than regular potatoes and a lot more nutritious. I’ve substituted them for potatoes in so many things, from curries to gnocchi, and they always turn out great.

Favorite weird Holiday leftover meal?

One way to use up your leftovers is to bake them all into a savory pie crust — chopped bits of turkey, vegetables, and gravy. Then pile some mashed potatoes in a thin layer on the top to make a shepherd’s pie top crust. It’s fun! Or, you could always make turkey soup using the carcass of the bird for a soup stock.

What’s another blog that inspires your food POV?

I think Marc at does a fantastic job bringing a global food perspective into the everyday home, and I couldn’t agree with its message more: it’s not about recipes; when you love food, you just have to experiment and let it do its own thing sometimes!

Thanks Cathy!

•You can follow Cathy on Twitter and listen to her radio show on Heritage Radio Network. And be sure to check out The Art of Eating In: How I Learned to Stop Spending and Love The Stove at your local bookstore!

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