Music always makes work more wonderful. So in honor of our functional new Market collection, we enlisted some of our favorite music bloggers to craft mixes for working — whether that means sitting at a desk or scrubbing your kitchen floor…

Aquarium Drunkard‘s eclectic taste is right up our alley. A few old favorites, an obscure African record or two, some new bands we’ve never heard of, and 1970s concert recordings are all part of the regular rotation on this LA-based blog. The laid-back tracks in Aquarium Drunkard‘s west elm mix are the perfect accompaniment for a day at work.

Between Aquarium Drunkard, my weekly SIRIUS show, the transmissions podcasts and various music supervision work, I’m cycling through a lot records. As such, having a good mix of tunes at the ready often helps stave off ear fatigue and aids inspiration. As it’s now starting to feel like Autumn in Los Angeles, the playlist leans toward vintage folk and Americana.

aquarium drunkard work music mix west elm brooklyn

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Images: Aquarium Drunkard

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December 5, 2012

Bravo! His radio show is a gem unto itself.

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