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Our favorite food bloggers inspire us to cook at home and make us hungry every day. We wanted to know them a little better. So we’re getting together to chat all throughout the Holidays!

Nicole Franzen has a serious eye for food. It’s impossible to spend more than a minute or two on La Buena Vida without getting hungry and inspired by her gorgeously photographed vegetarian recipes. Read on for Nicole’s answers to our holiday food questions…

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What’s your favorite dish to bring to a Thanksgiving potluck?

I will usually bring some sort of delicious side, whether it be roasted vegetables or a lovely salad. This kale salad would be really great, since kale is a heartier green it can handle being out for longer without wilting. It also has a richness that can stand up against its fellow comfort foods.

Sweet Potatoes vs. Mashed Potatoes?

While I love both, when it comes to Thanksgiving I love my mashed potatoes. Pass the gravy please.

Favorite weird Thanksgiving leftover meal?

I like to throw mashed potatoes, stuffing, some brussels sprouts and turkey in a pan, then cover it in gravy. My take on bubble and squeak if you will.

What’s another blog that inspires your food POV?

I am inspired by so many things and I follow a ton of blogs. When I am trying to come up with recipes, I most importantly look at seasonality and availability. Regular visits to the farmers markets and I then look to blogs, cookbooks and online recipe databases for inspiration. I usually I just go for it. Except for baking, I dont usually follow recipes. I make simple dishes highlighting the ingredients and showcasing their freshness. A few people who always inspire me conceptually are Ditte Isager, Gentl and Hyers, Nikole Herriot and Michael Graydon, everything Kinfolk, Marcus Nilsson, Anna Williams, Mikkel Vang… shall I keep going?

Thanks Nicole!

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