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We’re featuring some of our favorite Etsy artists this season in our catalog and online, including Flat Earth Studio‘s hand painted wood block sculptures! Bryce Wymer’s mixed media art has an approachable human feel and tactile energy that we love. See more from our visit with this Brooklyn-based artist and creative director…

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What’s the Flat Earth Studio origin story?

Flat Earth Studio was born to create affordable original art for the people. After spending the majority of my career in the fine art world, I knew that most original artworks sell to a disproportionately small section of society. Often this problem is “solved” by artists creating digital reproductions of their work, and I found that to be rather sad. So I decided that Flat Earth would create all works by hand. This way, every piece is unique to the time and place it was made. I wanted to combine the traditional hands-on DIY punk philosophy with the fine art world.

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How does Brooklyn influence Hands Workshop? In what ways does it affect your art and your day-to-day life as a studio?

Of all the places I’ve lived over the years, Brooklyn has the truest sense of community and the realest sense of itself. There’s such a diverse range of people and talents. Brooklyn’s palette is really interesting as well. It’s primarily muted with lots of browns and grays, but this town’s real color comes from its people. They are a constant inspiration for new works and collaborations.

Bryce Wymer etsy west elm wood art Brooklyn

What are some of your other projects, besides Flat Earth Studio?

Flat Earth Studio is one of many projects that are continually growing. It has become a playground were I can explore new ideas and have a direct relationship with the people who purchase my work.

Bryce Wymer Studio remains a place where I can help people create engaging narratives for their own projects. This includes all aspects of live action direction, graphic design, branding, and animation projects.

I also have a process blog where I post various works and side projects in progress!

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What is the Flat Earth Studio theme song?

Plenty for All by the Hot Snakes.


Bryce’s wood block sculpture is featured on page 106 of catalog #11 and on You can follow Bryce Wymer on Vimeo, Twitter, and on his blog.

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